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Roger Mead Guitar Lessons - Omaha, Nebraska
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If you are looking for a guitar instructor check out my schedule to see available time and feel free to call me at (402) 359-1990 if you are interested or have any questions. Daytime and some evening spots are available out side of my normal schedule just call or use the contact tab for more information. Give the gift of music give a gift certificate to go along with that new guitar someone may be getting. Contact me for more information. Also free to current students, I have group lessons at 8:15-9:15pm on Wednesday and Saturday 4:00-5:00pm. This is an opportunity to play with other students in a structured setting and will help accelerate learning guitar or ukulele. If you attend both sessions each week it is like getting two and a half hours of lessons for the price of a half hour lesson. 
I am available for lessons at Dietze Music Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. Call me at (402) 359-1990 or check my available times in the schedule tab.

From my earliest memories and beyond music has always been an important part of my life. I spent a year and a half in band playing trumpet in grade school but I became discouraged after moving to a new school by a grumpy instructor and quit. I will never forget my first band instructor, Bob Olson, who always had a smile on his face and encouraged me to learn in my own way. I learned to play the ukulele when I was ten from an older lady, Mable Herman, who taught me to play and sing songs. She made learning fun and this helped to give me the foundation to begin to teach myself the guitar.

I began to learn to play guitar in 1966 and took a couple of lessons but the instructors never interested me so I began to learn on my own from chord symbols on sheet music and by playing with other guitar players and trading riffs. I had always used my ear to pick out music and that became the main way I learned to play songs. I knew music fundamentals from band and a theory class I took at the University of Nebraska in 1978 but didn’t begin to knowingly apply it until I began to teach and needed to communicate musical idea's. I played in several bands around Fremont from 1979 to 1995 but didn’t really understand what I was actually doing.

I began to teach guitar in 1985 when a lady approached me playing guitar in a park one afternoon and asked me to teach her son. As I began to teach I realized that learning to read music and understanding music fundamentals not only helps to teach how rhytym, harmony and melody works together to make music but learning to read music actually has helped me to be able to learn, play better and has made me a better guitar instructor.

I graduated with honors from UNO December 17th, 2011 with a Bachelors of General study with a major concentration in music and secondary concentrations in video and audio. I have taught guitar full time in Omaha at Russo’s Music for the last thirteen years and teach Audio classes part time at Metropolitan Community College. I am currently a guitar instructor at Deitze Music in the Montclair Shopping Center at 132nd and Center.

Roger Mead Guitar Lessons - Omaha, Nebraska - 402-359-1990

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